Dual Meeting: NIC Programming

The Annual Meeting of Members is the yearly gathering of NIC member organizations to conduct the business of the conference.

Recommended attendees for NIC programming include:

  • Executive Director/CEO
  • 1-2 board members/key volunteers
  • Director-level staff in chapter services/operations: There is a cohort track designed for this group.


Educational programming at the NIC Annual Meeting will focus on key industry updates and trends as well as a NIC 101 staff training program that is recommended for all staff members that work directly with students and chapters.  The NIC 101 training program will provide training related to new NIC Standards, the IFC Standard Operating Procedures, Industry Wide Protocols, and skill development related to navigating difficult situations.

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 8:30–9:30 a.m.

NIC Health and Safety Update: Beyond the Guidelines
This session will discuss findings from the NIC Health and Safety pilot programs, provide an update on campus level adoption of the Health and Safety Guidelines, and discuss what we are learning related to compliance and harm reduction as we work with organizations and campuses to implement new practices.
NIC Governmental Relations Update
NIC General Counsel Clark Brown will provide an update on and discuss opportunities to be involved with the NIC legislative agenda and priorities, including progress on the Anti-Hazing Coalition and recently introduced federal legislation.
Essentials of Strategic Management
This special 2 hour track from RISE Partnerships is designed for COO and Director level staff members and will focus on developing effective operational systems, structuring and supervising staff, and identifying and tracking department objectives within the organization.

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 10–11 a.m.

Legal Trends and Update
NIC General Counsel Clark Brown will provide an update and discussion on legal trends impacting fraternities and higher education, and what it means for NIC member organizations.
Trends and Research in Higher Education
Trends in higher education are an ever-moving target. With shifting demographics, declining budgets, the student-debt crisis, and 50% of college graduates in jobs that require a college degree, all of these have an impact on today's campus. This workshop will explore these issues, among others, and how these affect fraternity/sorority.
Essentials of Strategic Management
Part 2 of the two-hour track from RISE Partnerships.

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In 2017, the NIC hosted the first Fraternity Growth Accelerator (FGA) Symposium in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Members. The gathering provided an opportunity for participants to focus on topics and issues unique to emerging and culturally-based fraternal organizations. The 2019 Symposium will provide robust educational content, including a NIC update and next steps for FGA, how single-sex legislation affects your organization, legal issues in the fraternal world, enhancing your organization’s internal operations and more.

FGA Programming

10–11:30 a.m.

Come and hear about important updates as it relates to your organizations’ involvement with the NIC. We will also have an opportunity to discuss and offer input into the next steps for the Fraternity Growth Accelerator.

11:30 a.m.–noon

There has been a lot of legislative movement around single-sex status and how it affects the operation and protection of fraternities. Hear from NIC Chief Legislative Officer Blaine Ayers on the work that has been done and what the next steps are in protecting the rights of our members.

1–2 p.m.

If you have asked the question of “Can a College or University Do X?”, then this session is for you. Hear from the NIC Legal Counsel about the hot topic and trends of litigation in defending fraternities in today climate. 

2–3 p.m.

Your organization may be looking for specific practices or resources to grow, sustain or build a successful infrastructure. Hear from NIC and FFE Staff about operational services that are available to your organization or Foundation that may increase your capacity. An overview of FSCentral will also take place during this session.

3:15–4:15 p.m.

As organizations, we need to be mindful of the experience we offer our members as it relates to diversity, inclusion and holistic development. We are charged with preparing our members with successful entry into life after their undergraduate career and engaging alumni for a continued fraternal experience. This work requires us to be prepared with productive conversations, resources and experiences that aid in our ability to make an impact. Come ready to discuss current strategies you have in place and any areas of improvement your organization can make relating to aforementioned topics.

4:15–5 p.m.

Annual FGA meeting followed by three focus group topics:

  • Recruitment and sustainability
  • Organizational infrastructure
  • Diversity & inclusion

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