This meeting has elevated the way we operate because it has accelerated the education of our new trustees. The learning curve is not so steep.

AUGUST 11-14, 2019

Registration opens May 2019

The premier program for fraternal foundation professionals

Formerly known as THE Foundations Seminar, this flagship program of the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence is the largest of its kind dedicated to education and professional development for fraternal foundation staff and volunteers. Seminar is held in conjunction with the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) Annual Meeting of Members to increase cross-collaboration among NIC member fraternities and FFE foundations, and better align industry-wide partnership and education.

Seminar provides attendees with a forum to collaborate on advancing our organizations’ mission while also offering an opportunity to learn new strategies and tools for our work, collaborate on shared business problems and network with over 350 industry professionals. In addition, Seminar provides a chance to recognize outstanding achievements of FFE member organizations and individuals with the Awards of Distinction program.


Seminar is intended for fraternal foundation staff in all functional areas and foundation volunteer leadership. By combining Seminar with the NIC Annual Meeting of Members, we create a well-rounded slate of programming for both foundation and fraternity leaders. Recommended attendees for NIC Annual Meeting programming include fraternity execs, board members and key volunteers, and director-level staff in various operational areas.


The program is formatted in blocks of educational sessions with keynote speakers throughout. Attendees can choose from the variety of topics covered in breakout sessions; Seminar also seeks to provide tracked content for specific areas of expertise (like the Nonprofit Finance track at Seminar 2018) when possible. Level of expertise covered in programs ranges from those new to the profession or to their specific development area, to tenured professionals in the field.


Seminar programs are selected specifically to cover all FFE Curriculum Plan areas for professional development, including communications, engagement, fundraising, management and stewardship. You’ll also gain insight on industry trends and new ideas for advancing your organization, and grow the network of resources available to you through the FFE including Alliance Partners, peer relationships, and more.