Session 3: Transformative Trustee

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1:30–2:30 p.m. and 3–4 p.m.
(this workshop spans over two breakout session blocks)

Designed to motivate and inspire, this dynamic workshop will provide an overview of trends in philanthropy and the principles of fundraising. Our interaction will include a Values, Vision and Voice exercise – a reflection of why board members value their affiliation with your mission and how they can align these values with your strategic fundraising plan. We’ll shatter fundraising “myths” and help board members feel comfortable and confident in their personal skills by developing their own “voice” in the fundraising process, from prospecting and cultivating to sharing personal stories and playing an important role in gift recognition and stewardship. This workshop is a great primer for new organizations as well as a reminder and “back to the basics” opportunity for more mature organizations looking to re-energize or increase fundraising results.

We’ll also dive into:

  • Board members’ role in fundraising
  • Campaign readiness and planning
  • Best practices in between campaigns (stewardship, gearing up, etc.)