Session 2: Building a More Engaged Board

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 10–11 a.m.

Many organizations struggle with board member engagement. Too many board members show up unprepared for board meetings, they check out and check email during meetings, they make commitments they don’t follow through on and generally come up short when stepping up to fundraise and advocate. This presentation will reference a proprietary study that surveyed board members and staff to better understand the challenges of board engagement and what could be done to improve it. There is no magic bullet, but the presentation will walk through 7 dimensions of board engagement with practical tips and tools to improve the board member’s experience and overall engagement. Learning objectives:

  • For leadership and staff: learn how to design and build a more engaged board member experience that holds board members accountable while also honoring their service.
  • For board members: better understand what is expected of a board member and how to help fellow board members also meet expectations.