The value of the sorority experience is clear — it provides an opportunity and environment for members to form lifelong friendships; work alongside others with differing viewpoints, backgrounds and lived experiences; build confidence in a supportive environment; make a difference in their communities; and cultivate leadership and sought-after professional skills.

But for the most part, these benefits are anecdotal and subjective. We are at a crossroads to grow our communities and clearly articulate the significance of today’s sorority experience to key stakeholders.

As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve — contracting enrollment, rising costs, increasing legal challenges, changing demographics, and emergent concerns around mental health, connection, inclusion and beyond — we must be able to clearly prove our relevance to potential new members and their families, collegians, alumnae, volunteers, donors and higher education administrators.

It is time to write our own story. We must fortify the narrative to ensure sororities are positioned as THE sought-after membership opportunity for college women and THE number one avenue for support and engagement for members throughout their lives.


#1: Conduct at least 10 research projects beginning summer 2023 through 2026 that will:

    • Identify how to best position and market the value of the sorority experience to the college women of today and tomorrow.
    • Prove the distinct value and relevance of the sorority experience.
    • Identify barriers and guide strategy to increase retention throughout sorority membership.
    • Increase affinity and provide compelling proof points for sustained investment in our sororities throughout the alumnae experience.
    • Provide insight into how the sorority experience influences member mental health and well-being.
    • Analyze Gen Alpha to prepare sorority for future collegiate members’ generational challenges.

#2: Provide actionable recommendations, messaging, toolkits and conversation points for research results to apply the data and share findings with stakeholders.


The Women’s Research Committee, with authorization from the FFE Board, guides the utilization of the Industry Research – Women’s Initiatives Fund. To generate resources for the fund, a Campaign Committee has been established and will lead the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and their investments. Both committees are supported by FFE Executive Director Ashley VanDewark.

The Research Committee, comprised of NPC organization executives and presidents, and industry leaders, is charged with defining/refining a women’s focused research agenda and pursuing priority projects.

  • Meghan Parker (Chair), Zeta Tau Alpha Executive Director
  • Katie Abernathy, Alpha Gamma Delta Chief Executive Officer
  • Laura Miller, Chi Omega National President
  • Erica D'Angelo Ochs, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity President
  • Heather Matthews, Kappa Delta Director of Marketing and Communication
  • Mary Pat Rooney, Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity President
  • Melissa Kish, Sigma Delta Tau Executive Director
  • Dani Weatherford, National Panhellenic Conference Chief Executive Officer
  • Aja Pirtle, National Panhellenic Conference Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dr. J. Patrick Biddix, University of Tennessee Research Advisor (Advisor to the committee)

The Campaign Committee, composed of sorority foundation executives, volunteer leaders and longstanding sorority advocates, is charged with leading the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and their investments.

  • Marsha Grady (Chair), CFRE, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation Chief Development Officer
  • Jennifer Webb, Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Executive Director
  • Leslie Loop Martin, Delta Gamma Foundation Executive Director
  • Wilma Wilbanks, Delta Gamma Former Foundation Board Trustee & Former President
  • Meghan Parker, Zeta Tau Alpha Executive Director
  • Cindy H. Stellhorn, MJ Sorority Executive Vice President
  • Hallee Winnie, Pi Beta Phi Foundation Former Executive Director


This work would not be possible without the generosity of individuals and organizations who believe and are invested in the campaign’s priorities! On behalf of the FFE Board of Directors, Research Committee and Campaign Committee, thank you to our donors!
Considering making a commitment? We’d love to connect about how we might partner with you to advance your philanthropic goals and this important work for our community.


  • Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity & Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation: $100,000
  • MJ Sorority: $160,000​
  • Zeta Tau Alpha: $100,000


  • Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity & Foundation: $75,000​
  • Chi Omega: $75,000​
  • Gamma Phi Beta: $75,000
  • Kappa Delta Foundation: $75,000
  • The Tri Delta Enterprise: $75,000


  • Alpha Delta Pi & Alpha Delta Pi Foundation: $50,000​
  • Delta Gamma: $50,000​
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity & Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation: $50,000
  • Pi Beta Phi Fraternity & Foundation: $50,000
  • Cindy H. Stellhorn: $50,000


  • Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity & Foundation: $25,000
  • Billhighway & greekbill: $25,000
  • National Panhellenic Conference & NPC Foundation: $25,000
  • Phi Mu Fraternity & Phi Mu Foundation: $30,000
  • Revela: $25,000
  • Tri Sigma & Tri Sigma Foundation: $30,000


  • Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity & Foundation: $10,000
  • Alpha Phi Fraternity & Foundation: $20,000
  • Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority & Foundation: $10,000
  • Blue & Co.: $10,000
  • CSL Management: $10,000
  • Sigma Delta Tau & Sigma Delta Tau Foundation: $12,500
  • Sigma Kappa Sorority, Foundation and National Housing Corporation: $10,500
  • OmegaFi | Pennington & Co.: $10,000
  • Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity & Theta Phi Alpha Foundation: $10,000


  • Delta Zeta Sorority: $5,000​
  • Diane Eggert: $5,000​
  • Tracy Garner: $5,000​
  • Marsha Grady: $5,000​
  • Heather Matthews: $5,000​
  • Ginger Hicks Smith: $5,000
  • Trek Advancement: $5,000​
  • Jessica Gendron Williams: $5,000


  • Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority: $2,500
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation: $2,500
  • Alpha Xi Delta: $2,500
  • Dianne Chipps Bailey: $2,500


  • Jason Butler: $1,000
  • James R. Paponetti: $1,000
  • Meghan Parker: $1,000
  • Phi Sigma Sigma: $1,000
  • Wendy Pratt: $1,500

Up to $999

  • Keo Frazier
  • Emily Freed
  • Katie Gaffin
  • Brian Gill
  • Kristin Henkenius
  • Amber Shaverdi Huston
  • Mary Jane Johnson
  • Jennifer Mores
  • Erica Ochs
  • Mary Pat Rooney
  • Vicki Ryan
  • Elizabeth Sordi
  • Cindy Svec
  • Ashley VanDewark
  • Wilma Wilbanks
  • Hallee Winnie
  • Bonnie Rubenstein Wunsch