Women's Research

The value of the sorority experience is clear — it provides an opportunity and environment for members to form lifelong friendships; work alongside others with differing viewpoints, backgrounds and lived experiences; build confidence in a supportive environment; make a difference in their communities; and cultivate leadership and sought-after professional skills.

About the work

As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve — contracting enrollment, rising costs, increasing legal challenges, changing demographics, and emergent concerns around mental health, connection, inclusion and beyond — we must be able to clearly prove our relevance to potential new members and their families, collegians, alumnae, volunteers, donors and higher education administrators.

It is time to write our own story. We must fortify the narrative to ensure sororities are positioned as THE sought-after membership opportunity for college women and THE number one avenue for support and engagement for members throughout their lives.

Thanks to our donors for making this work possible.