Strategic Plan 2019-2021


The FFE exists to support organizations and individuals invested in developing the next generation of fraternity/sorority leaders.

The FFE, in collaboration with its Alliance Partners, serves a membership consisting of more than 70 fraternal foundations, including their professionals and volunteers.

Now more than ever, our campuses, work places and communities need strong, values-driven leaders. Because a healthy, positive fraternity/sorority experience acts as an incubator for leadership and personal development, the FFE has a responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity of that experience.


FFE will model the way for member organizations by striving for excellence in operational efficiency and integrity.

Five guiding principles outline how the FFE will approach its work:

  1. Structure and support the FFE team in a way that inspires all to lead and engage well.
  2. Explore and maintain practices that elevate management integrity.
  3. Further develop a financial model that provides predictable, sustainable growth and positions FFE as a leader in the fraternal community.
  4. Improve and invest in technology and infrastructure.
  5. Remain nimble to respond to the needs of the current industry climate.


Culture of Care

The FFE will foster a Culture of Care by providing premier professional development and networking opportunities for fraternal foundations.

• Create and implement onboarding resources to ease the transition into fraternal fundraising and/or new job functions.
• Provide continuing education opportunities to advance the sophistication of individuals and organizations in our industry, producing better collaborators, communicators, funders, fundraisers, leaders and stewards.
• Encourage mentorship within FFE membership.


The FFE will leverage its unique position to bring individuals and organizations together to increase financial resources available to support its Community.

• Provide grants and scholarships that advance the fraternal movement’s educational priorities.
• Formalize the FFE granting program.
• Grow funding available for the FFE granting program.
• Continue collaboration with and support of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and other interfraternal organizations.

Capacity Building

The FFE will focus on Capacity Building by providing cooperative services to support fraternal foundations.

• Develop a community foundation model.
• Explore and grow opportunities for shared services.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The FFE will coordinate and share research to help inform Data-Driven Decision-Making within the fraternal industry.

• Champion research on the value of the fraternity/sorority experience in partnership with key fraternal stakeholders.
• Survey FFE members to gather fundraising and management data and report out on insights gained.