Culture of Care

The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence will foster a Culture of Care by providing premier professional development and networking opportunities for fraternal foundations.


The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence will leverage its unique position to bring individuals and organizations together to increase financial resources available to support its Community..

Capacity Building

The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence will focus on Capacity Building by providing cooperative services to support fraternal foundations.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence will coordinate and share research to help inform Data-Driven Decision-Making within the fraternal industry.

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Move your career forward.

Comprehensive education and skill-building program in March in Indianapolis with 101- and 201-level sessions to accommodate varying levels of experience.

Fraternal Foundation Successes

Culture of Care

Developing fraternal foundation professionals and organizations through premier educational opportunities


Providing grants and scholarships to fund industry-wide priorities and educational initiatives, especially those enhancing the student experience

Capacity Building

Working together to support operational needs of member foundations as well as new and emerging fraternal foundations

Data-Driven Decision Making

Coordinating and sharing research to help inform decision making within the fraternal industry