Reimagining Our Foundation

For the last two years, we’ve been on a journey to reimagine, refocus and renew the Foundation. As we look forward to the next chapter in our history together, we’d like to start off by telling you a little bit about where we’ve been.

The NIC Foundation was incorporated in 1992. Much like your own organizations, the Foundation was established to meet a need of its membership organization – the North American Interfraternity Conference – and was intended to work in collaboration and partnership across the NIC’s member fraternities.

With time, however, the NIC Foundation evolved and developed its own niche and filling a unique and important space in the fraternal landscape: serving fraternal foundations through professional development opportunities for staff.

As the NIC was going through its own shift in structure and priorities, in 2016, we also took an opportunity to assess how we were meeting the expectations and needs of you, our member fraternal foundations. There was a sense that the business model needed reevaluating and we had to figure out what it would look like to be a better partner with the NIC, while also serving our full membership.

It’s been a jam-packed two years as our leadership has sought answers to some tough questions, but we are more confident than ever in the direction of the Foundation!

While we maintain a strong and direct relationship and association with the NIC, we knew we needed a name that represented the interfraternal spirit of our members. And one that captured the elevation of the organization that we seek to achieve, aligning with our new priorities — the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence.