The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence (FFE) champions research on the value of the fraternity/sorority experience in partnership with key fraternal stakeholders and surveys members to gather fundraising and management data and reports out on insights gained. We will facilitate our research agenda by providing grants for graduate- and doctoral-level research on topics related to the broader fraternity and sorority experience and fraternal fundraising industry.


FFE believes in coordinating and sharing research to help inform data-driven decision making within the fraternal industry.

Research helps us validate and demonstrate the positive impact of fraternity and sorority – which has never been more critical as we talk with potential new members, parents, volunteers, donors, campus partners and others. Besides the association’s own donor-centered Research Agenda, FFE facilitates the collection and analysis of evidential support for a variety of fraternal stakeholders and makes available small grants to research fellows engaged in studies.

The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence has long provided high-quality fundraising-centered research but now we are expanding as the conduit for broad scope cutting-edge industry projects. Our most recent studies — and upcoming projects — are powerful tools for the industry that show evidential support of the impact of fraternal experience. We are thankful for the support of the individuals and partner organizations who are investing in this initiative.



FFE is prioritizing research that addresses real-world problems and continue to advance the fraternity and sorority community through data collection, reporting and education. We are moving quickly to ensure all interested parties are able to stay future-focused in challenging times. We are looking for investors on key projects, including these critical subject areas.


Contributions toward these research projects may be one-time gifts or multi-year pledges made through FFE. For questions about giving, contact FFE Executive Director Ashley VanDewark at