The month of May saw great giving success for Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation. All three organizations hosted successful days of giving that met their goals and broke organizational records.

Alpha Delta Pi Foundation

  • fourth annual “We Believe. We Give.” day of giving
  • raised awareness with a hype video to continue building affinity for the organization
  • raised $471,031 from 1,879 gifts
  • donors unlocked dozens of challenges along the way to support the Annual Fund, preserve the Sorority’s history, honor individual sisters, fund Convention programming and more
  • kept stakeholders engaged with frequent social media updates

see Alpha Delta Pi’s promotional video

Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

  • organization’s first Day of Giving became the largest one-day fundraising event in Alpha Gam Foundation history
  • raised $113,357 from 890 gifts
  • campaign ran for 1,904 minutes to tie in the Fraternity’s founding year
  • reinforced organization’s new branding with a focus on a loving, leading and lasting impact
  • members were able to create their own challenges to support their chapters and honor individual sisters

Alpha Gam Gives featured targeted opportunities for members to donate

Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation

  • raised $172,299 from 414 gifts
  • used Facebook frames for stakeholders to promote Delts Give 2019
  • created a sense of urgency with a 12:01 a.m. kickoff and a breakfast-themed matching challenge before 10 a.m.
  • utilized social media to create a telethon feel with both informational and humorous Facebook Live updates
  • gave Fraternity updates to engage donors who don’t follow as closely

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