Board Development Series

Transformational Trustee Workshop

Board members of today’s nonprofit organizations, and particularly of fraternal foundations, have big responsibilities, big needs and often limited time and resources. This session will educate board leadership on the foundational things each board member (and board as a whole) should cultivate in order to navigate today’s nonprofit landscape. We’ll set the stage of what philanthropy looks like today and how the board member’s role is evolving. While at the same time, understanding many key fundamentals and practices remain the same and are more important than ever. Is your leadership helping to shape the future of your organization?


Governing in Crisis Workshop

This past year has caused our organizations to ask some deep questions. Do we pivot? Keep fundraising? Shifting priorities and limited resources after and during this “great pause” have many of us scrambling for what’s next. As leaders we want to have the answers, but it feels like all we have are questions. This session will take a look at the data and research of our history regarding fundraising during and after crisis. We’ll also share examples of how successful organizations weather storms. We’ll help position you as a leader who can help navigate the answers to all the questions that face us during this interesting time in our history.


Speaker: Jen Pendleton, Vice President, Aly Sterling Philanthropy