Breakout Sessions: Monday 2:45 p.m.

Creating a Culture of Belonging Streaming

Mari Ann Callais, Ph.D., Delta Delta Delta Fraternity & The For College For Life Speakers Team

Let’s pretend we are Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, wherever you get your streaming. Let’s pick up from where we left off from my keynote. If you enjoyed the message of the opening keynote, please join me for a further discussion about the concept of connectedness, belonging and community and how that is integrated into your work. Bring your thoughts and ideas as this will be an engaging conversation more than a presentation.

Giving Day Best Practices to Maximize Donor Engagement

Theresa Jubert, Consultant, Ruffalo Noel Levitz & Jamie Law, Development Manager, Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

Giving days provide an opportunity to engage members to bring special attention – and a ton of gifts — to your cause. Join this session to hear what’s new in giving days, including new tech that enables challenges, matches, gamification, and easy payment options like Venmo and Apple pay can boost results. Hear about how volunteer peer ambassadors can boost your results. And hear about Alpha Gamma Delta’s giving day journey to get tips, hear pitfalls, and learn how to pivot when change is needed. From major gift engagement, to full on giving participation pushes, giving days can spotlight your philanthropic needs, and make it easy and fun to give. But it only works if you use the best strategy to maximize your ROI. Whether you’re launching a giving day this year, or have done one for years, this session will provide you with immediate ideas to improve your big day.

From Strategy to Operations – How to Design Your Development Plan

Kelly Taylor, Founding Partner, Trek Advancement; Tawanda Owsley, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Hosparus Health

This session will walk you through how to use your strategic plan to design your annual operating plan, create your development plan and provide the foundation for your fundraising case statement. The majority of time in this session will be spent discussing how to establish a multi-faceted fundraising plan to support the organization’s strategic goals and establishing measures and milestones while coordinating resources across the team.

From Acronyms to Understanding: SRI, ESG, and DAMI

Armond Reese, Senior Investment Advisor, Truist Financial & Laura Galaida, Vice President-Director of Client Service, Truist Financial

As the popularity of ESG and Diverse Asset Management themes grow, what can Trustees do to prepare and document procedures regarding policy decisions for investment portfolios.

  1. What is SRI, ESG and DAMI?
  2. Your board is divided on their views – how can you reach consensus without taking sides?
  3. How can you develop and document a policy that’s right for your organization?
  4. What is your fiduciary responsibility with regard to Socially Responsive investment policy – is there any?
  5. If you don’t have a policy, how do you respond to inquiries?