Planned Giving Series

Mega Gifts and Planned Gifts… Who is Getting Them and Who is Giving Them

This panel discussion will include four Executive Directors of fraternal foundations who have each received a multi-milion dollar gift. Each will describe the individual donor, what their relationship is to the fraternal organization, and how the gift came about in a case study format. Included in the discussion will be a recounting of the cultivation and solicitation of the benefactor, the type of gift (cash, securities, trust, bequest, etc), and what type of restrictions were placed on the gift (if any).

Learning objectives:

  • How to identify and cultivate a prospective donor;
  • What options were considered in the gift solicitation;
  • How the gift was structured (if restricted);
  • How the gift was transacted; and
  • What were beneficial results of contribution.

Panelists: Jennifer Webb, Executive Director, Alpha Delta Pi Foundation; Faron Lewitt, Chief Executive Officer, Zeta Beta Tau Foundation; Hallee Winnie, Executive Director, Pi Beta Phi Foundation; and David Carico, Partner, Columns Fundraising. Moderator: Wes Wicker, Principal & Partner, Columns Fundraising


The Future of Fundraising and Charitable Gift Planning

The future of fundraising is now! As we continue to navigate these uncertain times we must go back to the fundamentals of donor relationship development and understand how donors can utilize planned gifts to accomplish their financial and philanthropic goals.  There’s no better time to lean into truly donor-centered fundraising – are you ready to facilitate the win-win of charitable gift planning?

This session will explore case studies on how to utilize charitable gift planning techniques to secure meaningful gifts and loyal donors for life!

Learning objectives:

  • Share real world examples of how planned gifts raise donor sights and create significant mission impact
  • Discuss ways to incorporate charitable gift planning techniques at every giving level
    Build upon the collective wisdom of the group
  • Spark conversation to promote practical applications and actionable steps

Speaker: Kelly Taylor, Co-Founder, Trek Advancement