Breakout Sessions: Tuesday 3:30 p.m.

Right People, Right Job–Job Role Theory to Elevate Staff Development, Recruitment, and Retention

Tony Vukusich, Associate, Plaid & Chris Woods, Partner, Plaid

The Great Resignation as it’s being termed has taken its toll on the nonprofit and fraternal community. With the rise of inflation and an open job market, individuals are exploring their options seeking better pay, increased benefits, and more flexibility. Attracting and retaining the right talent is forcing organizations to evaluate their business structure and explore new avenues for employee development. This session will introduce participants to the importance of Role Theory and its impact on job success and satisfaction. Join us as we share tactics for building employee development initiatives to recruit and retain your human capital.

Facilitating DEI Conversations within your Board of Trustees

Jennifer Magro Algarotti, PhD, Director of Strategic Communications, Delta Gamma

Foundation & Leslie Loop Martin, MPH, CFRE, Executive Director, Delta Gamma Foundation
Many fraternal organizations have intentionally focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work within their organizations over the past few years, leading to policy changes, increased communication around DEI work, and diversified educational offerings. This work creates both opportunities and challenges for Fraternal Foundations. This session is intended to make a case for creating clear and strategic communication and planning opportunities between Foundation staff and the Board of Trustees to both understand the landscape of work happening within their partner Fraternity/Sorority and how DEI work impacts Foundation fundraising. This session will present a case study of how Delta Gamma Foundation has been approaching this work and will offer insight into how Boards may anticipate both opportunities and threats facing their Foundations and successfully integrate DEI into their fundraising.

Degrees of Change: Collaboration Successes from a 3-year Strategy

Julie Burkhard, Chief Development Officer, Alpha Tau Omega Foundation & Chris Smith, Director of Systems, Alpha Tau Omega

In this session we will take a foundation focused on redefining fundraising strategy, couple it with a powerhouse fraternity staff using data analytics and review the results of a collaborative effort to significantly increase donors and dollars. What will be different? A raw look at the ATO Foundation prior to this approach, the collaborative work of foundation and fraternity staff and the nimbleness used to change course when needed based on short term results.

“Segments of One” – The Art of Personalized Communication

Jonathan Van Oss, Director of Analytics, Pledgemine & Anne Curosh, Associate Director of Annual Giving, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation

What if every piece of donor communication you sent was no different than if you wrote a personal hand-written letter to each individual in your database? In today’s digital world, this level of personalization is possible, and with less effort than you think! Join Anne Curosh from the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, and Jonathan Van Oss from Pledgemine as they show you how to create “Segments of One” in all of your donor communications and see the difference it could make to your fundraising efforts.