What are the requirements to participate?

All Foundation for Fraternal Excellence member organizations are eligible to participate in the research project.

Each participating fraternity or sorority must be willing to share their database records with Cygnus Applied Research so they can administer the survey to your members. Cygnus will provide each organization with detailed instructions on how to gather and upload database records and has experienced team who can answer almost any question on data transfer. (More information about Cygnus and the security of your data is include above in this document.)

We would ideally like to receive the following from each group:

  • The last five years of member / donor database records. This is so we can calculate performance benchmarks as well as determine who should receive the survey.
  • The current email addresses of alumni and donors so we can invite them into the research. Ideally each fraternity or sorority will have a minimum of 5,000 active emails for its alumni and/or donors. However, the larger the number of emails, the better the outcome.

If your organization has a small number of emails on file, please talk to us as we can always explore other solutions to get alumni into the survey such as through your social media pages.