What will I need to have the best possible experience?

Advance will have significant use of small group discussion via the Breakout Room feature in Zoom. Attendees should plan to have their cameras and audio connections enabled.


  • Advance’s success depends on attendees showing up authentically, intentionally and ready to engage in meaningful discussion.
  • Get in the right headspace and stay there. Plan ahead for what you need to reach a good level of energy and maintain it. Do you need to move to a different space? What distractions do you need to address? Do you need caffeine?


  • Protect your calendar, blocking it off from other appointments just as you would if you traveled to be at an in person conference.
  • Close all other programs running on your device for the duration of the program. Be as engaged virtually as you would be in person. Imagine sitting in the room alongside your peers. Try not to check out to do other work/take meetings if you can help it.