What will I need to have the best possible experience?


  • Protect your calendar, blocking it off from other appointments just as you would if you traveled to be at Summit in person.
  • Close all other programs running on your device for the duration of the program. Be as engaged virtually as you would be in person. Imagine sitting in the room alongside your peers. Try not to check out to do other work/take meetings if you can help it.
  • Summit provides significant value in creating white space for executives – helping to get you out of the day-to-day to think more strategically for your organization and to refill your own professional development bucket to help avoid burnout.


  • Summit’s success depends on attendees showing up authentically, intentionally and ready to engage in meaningful discussion.
  • Get in the right headspace and stay there. Imagine how you’d use your travel time, mealtime and wind down time at the end of each day and try to replicate as much of that as possible – reflect, plan, recharge.
  • Plan ahead for what you need to reach this level of Summit energy and maintain it. Do you need to move to a different space? What distractions do you need to address ? Do you need caffeine?


  • Not only do you typically get a solid dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine, Summit usually includes wonderful food provided by The Cape – the convenience of having meals ready helps you take a deep breath and focus on building relationships and content of the program. During the Fireside version, consider ordering in from your favorite restaurant for lunch and/or dinner! This is another important manner of refueling.
  • If possible, change your scenery. Work from an alternate location for the conference.
  • Can you take Friday afternoon off? Treat this as you would your travel time back from the in-person Summit and start your weekend early. Use this time to reflect and plan or just recharge your batteries.