Campaign & Research Timeline

Focus groups held
Campaign public phase launched
Initial $500,000 in funding was secured which supported initiating initial contracts for the first three priority projects.
Research project #1 launched
Plaid: New Member Longitudinal Study
  • September 2023: Cohort A launched
  • December 2023: Anticipated cohort A fall term 1 results available
  • March 2024: Anticipated cohort B launched
  • May 2024: Anticipated cohort A and B spring term 1 results available
  • December 2024: Anticipated cohort A and B fall term 2 results available
  • May 2025: Anticipated cohort A and B spring term 2 results available
Research project launch
Culturati: Market Research on Gen Z
  • December 2023: Qualitative results available
  • January 2024: Quantitative results available
  • TBD: Full presentation of results (virtual)
Anticipated research project opt-in period
Cygnus: Donor & Alumnae Engagement Survey, 4th Iteration
  • August–December 2024: Organization recruitment and opt-in period
  • February–May 2025: Anticipated database and material gathering period
  • March–June 2025: Anticipated survey active
  • August 2025: Anticipated aggregate all-Greek results available
  • September 2025: Anticipated individual custom organization results available
Anticipated research project launch
Plaid: 2nd-4th Year Member Retention Study
  • January 2025: Anticipated results available