Save the Date for 2024: AUGUST 19-21

Indianapolis, Indiana

The North American Interfraternity Conference Annual Meeting of Members and Foundation for Fraternal Excellence Seminar are hosted together to build all aspects of fraternal industry success and encourage collaboration on all sides of our organizations. We know successful fraternities help sustain successful fraternal foundations and the educational initiatives of our organizations. We are excited to once again provide a dual program experience for the NIC Annual Meeting of Members and FFE Seminar. The Dual Meeting not only benefits executives but also a broad range of staff members and high-level volunteers. When fraternity and foundation leadership attend the dual experience, our organizations grow and find connections in our dynamic yet collective work.

Dual Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in all opportunties and meetings across both NIC and FFE networks
  • Engage in high-quality educational workshops and deep-dive discussions
  • Learn about the state of the interfraternal industry from featured NIC and FFE speakers and experts
  • Network with member organization leaders, professionals from foundation and membership staffs, and NIC and FFE Alliance Partners
  • Be part of the largest fraternal fundraising industry event, FFE Seminar

2023 Registration Details

Registration includes educational content starting at 9 a.m. and all meals on Monday, August 28, as well as all programming and meals on Tuesday, August 29, and individual access to digital resources from NIC & FFE educational programming following the conclusion of the program.

Dual Meeting registration per person:
• Early-Bird Registration, May 1 – June 30: $550
• Standard Registration, July 1 – July 31: $650
• Late Registration, August 1 – 15: $750

Interested in registering 8-10 from your organization?
If you would like information about bundle pricing ($4,000 for up to 10 fraternity & foundation staff and/or volunteers) for your group to attend the Dual Meeting, contact Gretchen Foran and include the program your group plans to attend as well as number of attendees.

Check out the schedule!

Who should attend?

The Dual Meeting experience offers something to benefit and support every team member, from executive leaders to staff of all experience levels to volunteers.

Alliance Partners
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Foundation Fundraising Professionals & Volunteers
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NIC Member Organizations
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NIC Fraternity Growth Accelerator Members
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What can I expect?

Programming features a mix of keynote content, focused breakout sessions, guided small group discussions and networking over the agenda spanning two full days and a partial third day (if opting into add-on experiences such as the NIC FGA Symposium, FFE Women's Foundation Leadership Forum or FFE Fraternal Foundation Fundraising Bootcamp).

Both the NIC and FFE also hold their respective annual meeting of members and business meeting during the conference.

What will I learn?

The curriculum is designed to help participants advance our organizations’ missions in a collaborative setting while also offering an opportunity to learn new strategies and tools, dig into shared business problems and advance the industry as a whole.

Attendees will leave the Dual Meeting with:
• An understanding of the problems of boys and men – and a bold set of solutions
• Best practices from remarkable brands to equip you in building a brand that matters
• Increased resiliency skills
• And much more!

See NIC Educational Symposium & FFE Keynote details below!

How can I learn more?

By participating in the Dual Meeting, which includes both the NIC Annual Meeting of Members and FFE Seminar, there are a few add-on experiences designed to meet the specific needs of our fraternal organizations and making the most of your time in Indianapolis.

Consider registering for one of the following Dual Meeting pre-con or post-con add on experiences that supports your role:
NIC FGA Symposium
(FGA members only; Aug. 27)
FFE Women's Foundation Leadership Forum (Women’s foundation executives & board chairs; Aug. 28)
FFE Fraternal Foundation Fundraising Bootcamp (Aug. 30)

2023 Educational Symposiums/Keynotes

NIC Educational Symposium

Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It

Richard Reeves, President of the American Institute for Boys and Men

What is happening with so many of our boys and men? Economists lament inexplicable drops in male labor force participation. Public health officials point to disproportionately male "deaths of despair" from suicide or overdose. Parents see their sons struggling and worry what it means for their future. In a compelling presentation, Richard provides a groundbreaking, personal and engaging diagnosis of the contemporary male malaise that is pro-equality as well as pro-male. As he says: "We can hold two thoughts in our head at once. We can be passionate about women's rights and compassionate toward vulnerable boys and men." Drawing on years of deep research as well as his personal experience as a father of three sons, Reeves offers a compelling diagnosis of the problems of boys and men-and a bold set of solutions.

NIC Educational Symposium

Research Update and Discussion: Peer Accountability, The Junior/Senior Experience and the Fraternity Growth Index

Panel presentation

In this session, we will present and discuss results from recent projects on Peer Accountability, the membership experiences of Juniors and Seniors, and fraternity membership trends. This can't miss discussion will focus both on implications for practice as well as an overview of how these findings relate to other recent research projects.

FFE Keynote &
NIC Educational Symposium


R. Ethan Braden, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Purdue University and Purdue Global

Great brands don’t just happen. Rather, they are intentionally and purposefully built over time on certain bedrocks, including a great story and position. And how well a brand is delivered externally depends on how well it is understood internally. As a member of Beta Theta Pi, former staffer, and dedicated volunteer, Ethan has developed a flourishing marketing expertise and career with a rare combination of leadership roles across critical and complex industries: the Federal Government, healthcare, consulting, public higher education, and non-profit. He has demonstrated that the keys to building remarkable brands transcend sectors, demographics, and unmet needs. Join us as he shares stories, lessons, and best practices from remarkable brands that have enchanted audiences and changed lives, leaving you inspired and better equipped to ensure your brand truly matters.

FFE Keynote

RESILIENCY REWIND: How to restart your foundation work with more bounce back

Erin Fischer, Owner & CEO of The Leadership and Training Studio

Our goal is simple. We want to have a live dialogue about the things that really make an impact on foundation staff increasing their resiliency skills. Spoiler alert, two of the biggest tips are minding your own MOVIE and your brain recorder. We will open a conversation about why we need resiliency now more than ever. Then, we will dig into the most practical advice about how to get more of that gold! This presentation is full of intriguing and true stories about the journey to a place of authentic resiliency – for all of us.

FFE Keynote


Patrick Alderdice and Aaron Parker, Pennington & Company

Pennington and Company has researched, compiled and evaluated IRS Form 990 filings for Greek foundations for the last 20 years. They will deliver the findings of this year’s research and share identified trends from administrative and donor perspectives, while providing their analysis on the challenges and opportunities Greek foundations face in their operations and fundraising. This session provides baseline data on the state of the industry in regards to assets, dollars raised, dollars granted, and various expenses. It also provides comparisons to other philanthropic giving in higher education and public and private foundations for benchmarking purposes.


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