Foundation Leadership Track

Easy Fundraising and Friendmaking for Board Members

Gail Perry and Dr. Kathryn Gamble, Gail Perry Group

Let’s create a more fired-up, engaged board excited about possibilities for your organization, who are eager to play a part in making it happen. Expert board trainer and author Gail Perry helped attendees discover how to make it happen for your board. She discussed the various roles that board members play in the fundraising process, and how board members can directly impact the bottom line without asking for money. You’ll discover:

  • Important fundraising roles for board members that don’t involve asking;
  • How to redefine fundraising into friendmaking;
  • How to develop your own personal message about your fraternity or sorority – and how to bring this back to your own board for some fun;
  • The delicate art of opening the door to a donor without being pushy; and
  • The true role of the Development Committee.


Culture of Philanthropy Deep Dive

Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies

Building on her keynote presentation, Alia led an interactive Culture of Philanthropy training session. She walked attendees through:

  • A deep dive of the Wheel of Change Transformational Model; Reviewing the 5 Intervention points mentioned during the keynote (1. Senior leadership, 2. Golden trio / Partnership between communications, fundraising and programs, 3. Goal setting, 4. Data: Getting the right information, 5. Re-casting donor as a true partner);
  • Led an interactive exercise: Participants completed a Culture of Philanthropy / Wheel of Change organizational assessment (linked below);
  • Shared Culture of Philanthropy sample experiments in each intervention category;
  • Led an interactive exercise: Participants revisited their assessment sheet and outline some culture of philanthropy experiments for bright spot or opportunity areas;
  • Facilitated group sharing and questions
  • Led an action trigger exercise so participants have one clear next step to take


Additional resources: Culture of Philanthropy Wheel of Change Assessment

Board Recruitment and Succession Planning

Phil Fernandez, Beta Theta Pi Foundation and Hallee Winnie, Pi Beta Phi Foundation

Best viewed as ongoing, cyclical processes, board recruitment and succession planning should be approached with great consideration to the desired direction of the organization. Instead of only thinking about potential board members during the nomination process, there should be continuous dialogue about the next group of leaders and how the organization can prepare them to serve in greater capacities.


Additional resources: Board Recruitment and Succession Planning Handout