Fraternal Foundation Fundraising Bootcamp Topical Sessions

Things Fundraisers Should Know from Cygnus

Ashley VanDewark, Executive Director, Foundation for Fraternal Excellence

Annual Giving: Annual Giving Deep Dive

Eric Kerstetter, Vice President of Sales + Marketing, Drummond

This workshop will be an opportunity to do a deep dive into our annual giving processes. The workshop will cover donor segmentation, data analysis, appeal writing and stewardship. We will discuss all parts of annual giving and have the opportunity to peer review, critique and perfect each aspect. Participants are encouraged to bring appeal letters or stewardship pieces to be critiqued and reviewed by your peers!

Major Gifts: Elevating Donors to Grow Our Impact

Erik M. Tomalis, Sr. Nonprofit Advisor & Manager Enterprise Sales, Virtuous

Making an ask is both a science and art; join our workshop that’ll outline tips and tricks to set yourself up for success with your Mid-Level and Major Donors. This workshop outlines the donor cycle, including how to prepare both the prospect and yourself for the solicitation, as well as tools for effective follow-up.

Development Operations: Using A CRM/Database to Supercharge Our Fundraising Efforts

Joe Budde, Jr., Solutions Architect, ChapterSpot

Managing culture is difficult, but throw in technology and it can become unwieldy. In this session, we’ll discuss how to tame and merge together development staff culture with technology culture and share our best practices. We’ll explore creating an operational culture that elevates a database to support your strategic initiatives rather than just being a filing cabinet of addresses and phone numbers. Discussions will center around questions like: How should we view our technology and data? How and why should I drive a technology centric approach across my organization? How can the Cygnus Survey results impact how we approach my technology and data? How should we prioritize our efforts between operational improvements and development targets?