Breakout Sessions: Tuesday 2:15 p.m.

Boards & Accountability: Understanding Effective Fundraising

David Carico, Principal/Partner, Columns Fundraising & Scott Sikes, Principal/Partner, Columns Fundraising

Foundation Board members and key staff leaders need to understand their key roles and responsibilities, and how to evaluate their organization’s fundraising efforts. How do we know if our fundraising is focused and effective? How do we evaluate Board and staff member performance to promote accountability? In this session, we’ll discuss those issues and the metrics Board members can use to measure organizational and individual effectiveness.

Deliver on Promises – Effective Gift Agreements and Fund Management

Leslie Martin, Executive Director, Delta Gamma Foundation & John Christopher, Fraternal Law Partners

It’s great to land the big gift, but then what? Creating an effective system for creating and delivering meaningful yet responsible gift agreements, fund descriptions, and the means to deliver on the promises made when establishing a legacy gift are equally important and ultimately part of great stewardship. We’ll talk best practices, organizational responsibilities, share some war stories, and look to Fraternal Law for some legal ins and outs. By the end, participants will have some great takeaways to improve their organization’s approach to endowed funds.

New Avenues for Donor Cultivation: Looking to the Past to Build the Future

Ryan Collett, Chief Development Officer, Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation & Kristen Gwinn-Becker, PhD, Founder & CEO, HistoryIT

In the past year, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has made significant strides to preserve their legacy and make their history accessible for members both now and in the future. Developed in partnership with the innovative team at HistoryIT, the Fraternity’s digital museum is the culmination of years of dedicated work interviewing stakeholders, assessing collections, developing a digital strategy and digitally preserving more than 40,000 items.

Ryan discussed the formation of the Fraternity’s Historical Society as a conduit for preservation related fundraising as well as their 2022 Founders Day of Giving Campaign, which focused solely on saving PIKE’s history and exceeded the event’s goal.

Kristen shared about HistoryIT’s work to not only digitally preserve Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity’s archival treasures, but to also establish a strategy that ensures the organization is set up for success for years to come.

Multi Channel Fundraising

Neil Stanglein, Director of Development, Delta Zeta Foundation & Raenee Patterson, Assistant Director of Development, Delta Zeta Foundation

During Fiscal Year 21 and 22, Delta Zeta Foundation has made an effort to communicate with more donors and reach the right donors to make the right ask. Delta Zeta analyzed giving history and initiation dates to ask the right donors at the right time via the right channel. Overall, reducing the number of mail pieces sent with higher return on investment. Delta Zeta also segmented appeals by mail and digital and analyzed which audience should receive which piece. Finally, through multi-channel efforts, Delta Zeta reached our donors through mail, email, social media and stewardship follow up.

The Responsive Mindset: How To Build Resilient Teams & Drive Growth With Confidence Amidst Uncertainty

Erik Tomalis, Virtuous

Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval 2020 — from the pandemic and social justice to climate — left behind with no clear end in sight.

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how should you design and lead your fundraising teams? How does this impact your ability to collaborate to deliver a responsive supporter experience?

We’ll address these challenges head-on, share how supporter preferences have evolved, and what that requires now of you and your team.

Sororities Matter: We Have Research to Show It

Heather Matthews, Chief Communication Officer, Sigma Phi Epsilon

We know the sorority experience is life-changing and has a positive impact on our communities. Yet, amidst negative media coverage and polarizing campus protests, some donors and alumnae are seeing messages that create doubt and are asking “Are sororities relevant? Should I invest in them?” Sororities have a good story to tell. Come learn about research that shows the value of the sorority experience and how to share it with donors and stakeholders to build confidence and cultivate investment.